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Yuanming Li

Basic Information
Yuanming Li
        Yuanming was born and brought up in Fujian, China. He studied chemistry at Fuzhou University, China, where he finished his B.Sc. in 2008. He went to the Renmin university of China for his master. After completing his M.Sc. thesis with Prof. Zhiping Li, he went to Germany in 2013 to do Ph.D. with Prof. Armido Studer at the University of Münster. He defended his Ph.D. thesis in 2017. And then he moved to Nagoya University for postdoctoral research with Prof. Kenichiro Itami. Since 2021, he is a Designated Professor at Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, China.
Education Background and Working Experience

                                                             Postdoctoral Researcher                         

06/2017-03/2021                      Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules            

                                                                  Nagoya University  

                                                            Ph.D., Organic Chemistry                            
                                                                 University of Münster                                  
                                                             M.Sc., Organic Chemistry                                
                                                            Renmin University of China    
                                                                  Research Assistant                                         
                                                   Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry     
                                                                  Research Assistant        -
                                                    Shanghai SyncoZymes Laboratories Corp.    
                                                                    B.Sc., Chemistry     
                                                                   Fuzhou University    

Honors and Awards

2020 – Minjiang Professor, Fujian Province
2019 – ITBM-GTR Pre-ISNA Symposium (Poster award, Nagoya)
2018 – JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship

2013 – ​China Scholarship Council PhD Fellowships

Lectures and Talks



             23/03/2020                                The 99th CSJ Annual Meeting (Kobe, Japan), oral.

             19/03/2021                                The 101st CSJ Annual Meeting (Japan), oral.

             07/06/2021                                Longyan University (Longyan, China), invited lecture.


                                                 Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter Chinese

                                                 Academy of Sciences (Fuzhou, China), invited lecture.

                                                               The 3rd National Conference on Organic Field-Effect 

                                                                       Transistors  (Lanzhou, China), invited lecture.

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